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Some suggestions for how to use this starter.

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  1. Clone your own version of the starter template or fork the repository. Run yarn then yarn build or yarn develop.
  2. The default colour scheme is purple to match the Gatsby logo. Change to your preferred hue by doing a global search and replace of ‘-purple-’ to your favourite colour.
  3. The home (landing) page consists of a number of components (Hero, Feature, CTA, …) - edit these components in src/components to customise.
  4. The /contact page displays an OpenStreetMaps map via Leaflet - customise by changing to your preferred set of coordinates.
  5. gatsby-config.js has all the site parameters - edit site metadata to suit.
  6. Create new MDX pages in src/mdx (using either .md or .mdx extension). Add React components to MDX in the src/pages/{mdx.slug}.tsx file.
  7. Any content created in the src/mdx/blog subdirectory will automatically be a blog post. Use src/mdx/post/2000-01-01-template.md as a base for creating a new blog post.
  8. If you create a new tag (eg. newtag) a new tag page will be created ie. /tags/newtag. The /tags page will enumerate all tags.
  9. If you want to change the navigation menu, edit src/components/header.tsx. Similarly, edit src/components/footer.tsx to customise the footer.
  10. If you make a lot of changes, use yarn lint and yarn type-check to check everything is okay.

SendGrid configuration (for contact form)

Insert the following environment variables (either in .env or on deployment host):