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Description of Hello Gatsby Starter

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This is starter template for a full featured marketing and blog website based on the following:

It follows the JAMstack architecture by using Git as a single source of truth, and is deployed on Gatsby Cloud.

This website is open source (0BSD licence) - fork it and customise for your needs.


  • Full-featured blog with frontmatter (title, description, author, date, image, tags)
  • Tags index page and individual tag pages
  • Pagination in posts and tag pages
  • Support for RSS feed, sitemap and robots.txt
  • Automatic optimization of images in Markdown/MDX posts
  • SVG design (unDraw, Hero Patterns, HeroIcons)
  • Support for code syntax highlighting
  • Manifest and offline support
  • Contact form using sendgrid email and Gatsby functions
  • Full SEO support (via React Helmet) including Open Graph, Twitter Cards and Schema.org via JSON-LD

SendGrid configuration (for contact form)

Insert the following environment variables (either in .env or on deployment host):